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Immediate AHCCCS Reimbursements for TPL Patients

No-Risk Opportunity to Increase TPL Reimbursements

The 80/20 Healthcare Solutions AccessGranted program provides a unique opportunity for healthcare providers to seek out higher reimbursements for your TPL patients that are enrolled in the AHCCCS program.

The AccessGranted program immediately advances, within 48 hours of billing, the AHCCCS reimbursement to the medical provider, while the 80/20 Healthcare Solutions team seeks out higher reimbursement for your benefit. There is no cost to the medical provider for the AccessGranted reimbursement advance, there is no recourse to the medical provider for the AccessGranted advances for reimbursable AHCCCS claims, and 80/20 Healthcare Solutions only gets paid if the medical provider receives a higher reimbursement than AHCCCS provides. Medical providers that participate in the 80/20 Healthcare Solutions AccessGranted program reduce the days to reimbursement from AHCCCS while seeking out the opportunity for higher reimbursement sources, all at no risk to the medical provider.

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Key Benefits:

  • Access to AHCCCS Payments
  • Seeks higher reimbursement
  • Advanced Denial Recovery Solutions

If we don’t deliver, we don’t get paid.

80/20 Healthcare Solutions is so confident in its ability to generate higher reimbursements, that it is willing to provide cash up front and assume the risk of collecting on higher reimbursement sources.

Efficient. Effective. Unparalleled Risk-Free Finance Solution.

In an era of declining reimbursements, slimmer margins and slower collection of receivables, 80/20 Healthcare Solutions offers an industry-leading revenue cycle management solution created for the unique challenges faced by providers who diagnose and treat third party liability (TPL) patients.

AccessGranted Reimbursement

Through it’s one of a kind AccessGranted program, 80/20 Healthcare Solutions will provide the full cash value of a provider’s AHCCCS reimbursements within 48 hours. 80/20 Healthcare Solutions will assume all the risk to seeking out higher reimbursements for these difficult claims.

Increase TPL Reimbursements

When a TPL patient seeks medical treatment and is enrolled in AHCCCS, the majority of providers believe their reimbursements are limited to the fee schedules AHCCCS provices. At 80/20 Healthcare Solutions, we seek to maximize the recovery from the proper higher reimbusrement sources on each and every claim.

Advanced Denial Recovery Solutions

It’s not uncommon for reimbursement sources to deny payment on submitted claims. 80/20 Healthcare Solutions AccessGranted advance remains at risk, in the event of a denial, while we persue reimbursement on your behalf.

80/20 Healthcare Solutions integrates an algorithmic account workflow in its software system process in order to achieve a successful resolution on denied claims. This is accomplished by addressing specific “breakdowns” commonly seen in existing processes, and reducing costs associated with recovering payment from initially-denied claims.

These processes include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Data collection errors that negatively affect timely billing and reimbursement and create unnecessary costly repetition of work
  • Lack of verification of patient insurance eligibility and coverage
  • Failure to obtain required payer authorization for procedures
  • Failure by case management staff to inform the attending
    physician that the patient does not meet clinical criteria for admission
  • Coding errors by HIM staff, resulting in an incorrect DRG assignment
  • Non-compliance by billing department staff to follow third party payer’s billing requirements

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